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World’s First Smartphone for Blind, Invented by Sumit Dagar

India again gave a beautiful gift to the world. A revolutionary technology has been invented by Sumit Dagar. This technique introduces blind people to new technologies of smartphone and helps to make their life much more comfortable. Braille Smartphone is the World’s first smartphone for Blind. Indian smart phone for blind will allow the blinds to read messages, emails on their Braille smartphone. Soon the Braille Smart Phone release will take place.


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indian smart phone for blind

Sumit Dagar is post graduated from the National Institute of Design. Mr. Dagar is inspired to serve the society and with collaboration with IIT Delhi invented prototype of World’s first smartphone for Blind. Dagar started working on this project three years back. Braille Smartphone is under testing at L V Prasad Eye Institute in Hyderabad. In near future advance versions of this Indian Smart Phone for Blind will be introduced.


Working of Smartphone for Blind People:

Indian Braille Smartphone implements Shape Memory Alloy technology, which means that metals can shrink and expand but can come to the actual shape again. This technique will help messages to convert into Braille Pattern. Braille Smartphone has collection of pins in the innovative touchscreen, the pins will come upward to make shapes or patterns.


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world’s first smartphone for blind

world’s first smartphone for blind


World’s first smartphone for Blind people will have applications, technologies like any other smartphone. Till now the World’s first smartphone for blinds is in development phase but Braille Smart Phone release will take place soon. There is no word related to pricing of this revolutionary smart phone.


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