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Sony Playstation 4 Price, Features and Pictures

sony-playstation-4-picturesGamers over there, this news is for you all. After a long wait Sony Playstation 4Sony Playstation is unveiled recently by Sony Corp. We all know about the popularity and success of previous . New Sony PS4 will give a good competition to Xbox. It was also heard that Sony has invested $380 million in July to purchase Gaikai, US cloud-based gaming company. PS3 was launched in 2006 and similar to PS3 a play station was launched in the year 2009, so it is been a long time we are waiting for the improvement.

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Sony Playstation 4 Pictures:


sony playstation 4


new sony ps4

Previously PS3 was IBM’s Cell processor but now with x86 processor and improved hardware Sony Playstation 4 is ready to deliver awesome gaming experience and streaming services. Sony Playstation 4 Features touch pad. New Sony PS4 has 8GB memory. Remote Play is used in Sony Playstation 4. Sony Playstation 4 promises to deliver multidimensional gaming. Sony Playstation 4 includes new “Final Fantasy” from Square Enix and “Watch Dogs” from Ubisoft, also Blizzard Entertainment will make a new version of Diablo for PS4, PS3.

New Sony PS4 has PlayStation Network (PSN) so you will be allowed to try new games without downloading. Netflix and Amazon are also loaded in new Sony PS4. Sony Playstation 4 Pictures are also unveiled with the announcement of New Sony PS4 launch in the market. Sony Playstation 4 Release Date and Price details are not yet announced. Price of new PS4 can be expected to be around $700.

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2 Responses to “Sony Playstation 4 Price, Features and Pictures”

  1. Aman Bansal

    Feb 26. 2013

    Dude by watching this article,childhood memories are got back when we used to play PS4.. 😉
    I like the way you write it.

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    • admin

      Feb 26. 2013

      Hehe yes we were waiting for PS for a very long time. We wish that we could see the product at a glance at the time of launching as Sony has not displayed PS4 yet we are happy that it is finally launched. And thanks for the compliment. We will keep improving ourselves pl keep visiting for more. 🙂 😉

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