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nope. – Call and Text Blocker for Android

unwanted message blocker appAre you annoyed with spam text and unwanted calls on your phone, here is a solution. nope android app is a call and text blocker app for android. This unwanted message blocker app will effectively block spam and unwanted messages and calls. You can download nope app and get a perfect and totally reliable solution for this problem.


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Now with call and text blocker app for android you can avoid those nuisance and spamming calls and messages and also those marketing calls. nope android app features a simplified solution in an effective manner. You can also personalize the blocked contacts. Now the question arises what will happen when you block a contact with nope android app? nope for Samsung galaxy s duos and other Android phone will simply mute the blocked calls, means the blocked calls will not ring and this way they cannot annoy you anymore. With this unwanted call blocker app you can set a customized voice mail to be sent when the blocked contact tries to call you. So you can choose what should be done with the call or message, which you have blocked. You may mute the ringer, send a voice mail or simply hung up the call. nope for Samsung galaxy s duos and other android phone is a package of 3 services i.e. unwanted message blocker app, unwanted call blocker app and spam blocker.

nope android app is a purely ad free app. nope for Samsung galaxy s duos features simple and clean GUI, you will be able to solve this unpleasant issue with ease with this call and text blocker app for android. You may download nope app for free for 14 days trial, then you may purchase license of the app. Nope is a smart, simple and reliable, call and text blocker app for android, you may download nope app from the link given below the detailed specifications of nope android app.



nope android app for call and text blocking


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Detailed Specifications:

Developer Heliopause Development.
Version v1.21.31.
Size 1.9 MB.
Compatible With Android v2.2 and above.
Price Free. (14 days trial).


Download nope android app:


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