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Nimbuzz Messenger has 150 Million Users

Nimbuzz, a free instant messaging application has recently announced that Nimbuzz Messenger has 150 million users all over the globe. Nimbuzz was started in 2006 and since 2008 it is available in India. In 8 years Nimbuzz 150 million hits is not at all a good news for many rival messengers. Nimbuzz Messenger shares 60% of total messenger users in Asia.


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Nimbuzz Messenger has 150 Million Users


nimbuzz messenger


Nimbuzz is ranked 4th in the list of top consumer brands in India. According to some survey Nimbuzz Messenger is ahead of Facebook messenger, YouTube and Gmail. Nimbuzz Messenger has a continuously increasing graph of users since 2011. The reason of Nimbuzz 150 million hits can be a wide platform supportive property of Nimbuzz, it supports BlackBerry 10, Android, iOS, Symbian, Windows Phone, J2ME and also Windows and Mac computers.

With Numbuzz you can chat, send messages, make calls, send photos, music, videos some VOIP services like Nimbuzz P2P, NimbuzzOut. You can see online friends and invite your friends as well. In the 150 million users most of the users are in India and Saudi Arabia. Asia has 70 million users and 25 million users are in India and Africa: 16 million, Europe: 10 million and US: 9 million have rest of the users. 102 billion messages are sent in a month on Nimbuzz messanger. With these impressive statistics Nimbuzz is giving a tight competition to many messengers.

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