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Let’s Find Out What Will Be New In Apple i TV

apple-itv-newsApple iTV is rumored to be released by the end of the year. Here we will find out what will be so unique in Apple i TV with rumored Apple iTV specifications. According to the Apple iTV news Tim Cook, CEO Apple gave a hint that the company is planning to develop something bigger for us.


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Apple i TV

Some confusing rumors also say that we won’t be getting Apple iTV till 2014. There were also Apple iTV expectations when Apple was to buy Loewe, TV manufacturer in 2011. All these news proves that there is something better and unexpected is cooking in the kitchen.

Apple i TV will be not just a box, it will have lots of exciting features in it. Apple iTV will not be just an another product, Apple is serious about its products. Apple iTV will attract the crowd to get something bigger and better, and those who have iTV they must get customer satisfaction.


apple iTV Review

Apple iTV news gives some expected Apple iTV specifications. Apple i TV will come in 32”, 42” 55” models. Apple iTV may also feature Siri and iSight. A5 processor will be loaded in Apple iTV and the display of Apple iTV will be so sharp and bright and feature 1080p video. Macworld also reported that a sound system can also be launched as part of iTV. The intelligent system could sense the presence of user in the room, and his dispance from the iTV and modify voice levels accordingly. It could also sense the environment and the in which direction the user is facing. Apple iTV news also gives a hint that Apple’s hiring of a former OLED Technology expert from LG and Samsung.


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Apple iTV Specifications

We can conclude that Apple iTV will feature a larger screen with OLED and would be a smart television, and of course not just a box but a full TV in the box. According to an AppleInsider Apple iTV price will be around $1500-$2000. Apple iTV release date can be expected in November or December 2013.

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