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Google Finally Lets You Download Your Own Calendar, Gmail Data, here’s how

You know you Google for every product they’ve ever rolled out. You also know you are more than dependent on them in more than one way now. Now, would you be able to handle most of your work so efficiently if it were not for the amazing calender that they have on the Gmail or the way their interface lets you manage all your data in the most uncluttered manner ever? Well I agree I’d be all handicapped without it. But, there are time when I do think it would have been really awesome if I could have a way to download all this data on my computer.

Download a copy of gmail and google calendar data

Download a copy of gmail and google calendar data

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There is finally a reason to rejoice, since Google has announced its new capabilities of data-saving that would allow you to export and keep a back up of all your mails in Gmail and the data of Google calendar without turning to another software every time. Its very simple to do go about the process: all you need to do is go for the data download page in Google, sign in to your account, click on the “Create an archive” option and search for the Gmail and Calendar. Everything can be downloaded easily by just one swoop if you need, or you can also pick specific calendars and labels of Gmail to export. Passages in Gmail are designed in MBOX format. On other hand, calendars are designed in ICAL format. Both of these file types are generally used with applications for mail and calendar. Yes, you can actually drag your messages on Gmail to a different service without needing to jump several unnecessary hoops.

Its always good to keep a backup of your data. So there is no reason to wait anymore, just go there and get done with it. The menu of “Google Takeout” has been ever-growing with options for Drive, YouTube and many other products. The “Data Liberation Front” is the team of engineers who are appointed by Google to develop the menu. Just go to the settings of your account click the option that says “download your data” and keep selecting every data source that you are interested in.

How to download google data

How to download google data

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Advantages of having the option to download your data

There are certain advantages of being able to download your data

  • Firstly, it would allow you to transfer your data whenever you want to go for a different service, like Microsoft Outlook or iCal.

  • Secondly, it helps you keep a back up for your important data for in case you might lose the Google data.

  • On a more fundamental level, it offers the ownership that you deserve on your personal information. This complete ownership is not possible if your only access point to all data is through proprietary apps and interfaces of Google. Our power is information and unfortunately most of have become too comfortable in entrusting companies on the Internet with it. The least we could want in return is the ownership of it by keeping a copy of the data for ourselves.

Google’s slogan of “Don’t Be Evil” is widely mocked as self-serving and tenuous, however, Google Takeout can be considered to be a tangible example of how the company can actually perform better in several small ways.

The Lacking

All said and done, Google can still be expected to do better than this. Google Takeout still does not include the history of you’re the searches you made or the history of online ads. In order to find that out, there is a much more intricate and complicated set of steps that you need to go through, and includes several batches of data and an RSS reader as well.

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