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Download Zite Magazine App for Free

Here we are back with another review. This review is about a very interesting news & magazine application for android. This Latest Android app is a very interesting and a must download one. You can Install Zite for Android for free and read topics of your interest. Download Zite for free and experience a new way of reading things of your interest.


Latest Android app zite is free

Latest Android app zite


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Zite is basically a personalized magazine app, with which you can read things you love, right there from your Android Device. Don’t worry if you have very uncommon interests, Zite Magazine app for Android brings collection of over 40,000 different topics. Latest Android app has been refined itself. Users of Zite for Android will see larger images above the topic they are reading. Manually subjects can be added anytime. The information related to the topic of your interest comes from the sources you might not even heard of, there are variety of sources.

Zite features attractive GUI, your personalized stuff is just a click away from you. Download Zite for free from the link given below, and you never know at what point you discover a new interest. Zite features GUI similar to Google News, you can see topics of your interest at the side bar and read stories as well. A well developed Magazine app for Android is so popular for iOS as well, so it has no customized interface for Android. This Magazine app for Android, updates the stories frequently, the updates are also very interesting and enjoyable to read.


Zite is a Magazine app for android

Zite is a Magazine app


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Zite for Android has got 4.3 rating on the scale of 5. This personalized latest Android app will soon become very popular for Android as well, as it is on iOS. Zite is less social, but provides plenty of good reading and lets you to discover stories form unexpected sources related to the topics like from Arts to Politics and many more. Zite for Android features a top stories section in which you can swipe through the stories.

Zite features user friendly reading experience, and for Zite users and fans it is very good to know that Zite is working on building app for upcoming Google Glass. This Latest Android app has received updates such as opening article on external browser and video usability for various devices. Download Zite for free and comment your feedback on our review here.

“Zite is a mind reader.” – PCMag

“If you’d like a smarter way to handle information overload, Zite can do the dirty work.” —Wall Street Journal

Detailed Specifications:

Developer Zite, Inc.
Version 2.0.2.
Size 5.5 MB.
Compatible With Android version 2.2 and above and also with Android devices like Phablet and 7 inch tablets.
Price Free.


Download Zite for free:


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