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Download Alarm Clock Millenium for you Android Phone

Alarm Clock Millenium app for Android phone is a multipurpose application. Alarm Clock Millenium for free is available in the play store. This Alarm clock app for Android phone is rated 4.7 starts and highly recommended app. You can Download Alarm Clock Millenium from the link given below.


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Alarm Clock Millenium for free app includes alarm clock, timer, stopwatch in one app. Download Alarm Clock Millenium and you will be able to set alarm by voice signals, the volume of the alarm keeps increasing until you stop it, the alarm can be stopped in various ways you may choose any of them, you may chose button, mental arithmetic, Captcha code, visual test, shake, flip to stop the alarm, you can also save alarms, set default alarms and many other options are available for alarm in Alarm Clock Millenium app for Android phone.


alarm clock millenium app for android phone

alarm clock millenium app for android phone

For timer there are options as ringtone, vibrations notifications etc. in this alarm clock app for Android phone. You can set, reset timers, change title of timers and there are many more useful options, which are easy to use and understand. You can pause, stop alarm by taping on the screen, click on the home button to keep the timer on or click back button to close the timer. Download Alarm Clock Millenium to manage your time. Alarm Clock Millenium for free is top rated and light weight app.



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Detailed Specifications:

  • Developer : Millenium Apps.
  • Version : 1.4.5.
  • Size : 5.7 MB.
  • Compatible With : Android 2.1 and above.
  • Price : Free.


Download Alarm Clock Millenium:


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