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Chromebook Pixel by Google for $1299 Price only

google-chromebookGoogle’s previous Chromebook was really successful launch, motivated from past achievements Google proudly introduces its first touchscreen Chromebook Pixel laptop. With the launch of Google Chromebook there is a competition created for Apple touchscreen laptops. Google Chromebook is the first touchscreen laptop by in the market and also Chromebook is the first laptop made by Google.

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touchscreen chromebook pixel

Google Chromebook runs on Chrome OS. Google Chromebook promises to offer highest Pixel density up till now. Chormebook Pixel features 239ppi on its 13 inches touchscreen. The first touchscreen Chromebook is made with anodized aluminum alloy. Chromebook Pixel features etched glass responsive touchpad. Google Chromebook features Intel Core i5 Processor. First touchscreen Chromebook uses SSD (solid state drive) for storage. Google Chrome Pixel is very fast and responsive, Chromebook Pixel features 32/64GB flash memory. Google also delivers 1TB free online storage in Google data centers for 3 years.

Some very useful branded apps from Google like Gmail, Google Docs and Google Music are preinstalled in Touchscreen Chromebook Pixel. These apps work only when connected to internet. The Chromebook Pixel will be available in two configurations. The 13.1 inch, 15.4 inch with 227ppi, 220ppi respectively. Chrombook price falls under the low budget and efficient laptop’s category. The configuration of Chromebook Pixel with Wifi, 32GB flash costs $1299. The model with WiFi, 64GB flash, 4G LTE of Chrombook prices $1499. We can expect Google Chormebook release in April in America (4G LTE version), in UK Google Chromebook Pixel will be sold online in the same month.

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4 Responses to “Chromebook Pixel by Google for $1299 Price only”

  1. Aman Bansal

    Feb 26. 2013

    Nice chrome book introduced by google,.. 🙂

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    • admin

      Feb 26. 2013

      Hello aman. Thank you for your feedback. Chromebook are very efficient and cheap. As ChromeBook is purely made by Google so we can trust the brand’s first experiment of making laptops. 🙂

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  2. Ajay Raiger

    Feb 26. 2013

    Awesome news .. Keep updating dude 🙂 🙂

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    • admin

      Feb 27. 2013

      Thanks Ajay for the feedback. Yes it is a great news. Keep visiting. feel free to comment we love to respond 🙂

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