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Three Great Interactive Gaming Apps

When it comes to games, mobile app markets have gotten incredibly crowded. There are always new games from independent developers and massive gaming companies alike, and it’s common to see game sequels, spinoffs, updates, etc. topping the charts. However, many of these games only enjoy fleeting popularity before they’re replaced by new ones. The real lasting value often tends to be in the few games that truly maximize interactive potential.


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The ability to coordinate and compete in app games across the Internet is still very exciting for gamers, and has made for some truly impressive app gaming experiences over the years. So here’s our look back at three particularly great interactive gaming apps.


Three Great Interactive Gaming Apps

Three Great Interactive Gaming Apps


Krazy Kart Racing

The Next Web makes note of the fact that this game was quite clearly designed to imitate the popular Nintendo hit Mario Kart, and ultimately it’s done a remarkable job. Krazy Kart Racing is a $2.99 interactive racing game with the same cartoonish quality of the Nintendo classic, and while it doesn’t feature the same iconic characters, it’s light, amusing approach makes for a better multiplayer experience online than some of the other racing games designed in more realistic ways. Ultimately, it just feels a lot like Mario Kart on a mobile device. The game is available on Android and iOS devices.


Poker In Play

You’ve probably seen so many poker and casino style app games browsing through stores that they start to blend together, and truthfully most of them are hardly worth bothering with. But the Poker In Play app from online poker platform Betfair is pretty unique among casino gaming options. The game features constant live games and allows for real money betting, not necessarily on your hand in poker, but on the game as a whole. While playing, you’re actually able to see all of the hands at the table, and you can place bets on which hand you believe will win the pot. It’s certainly unique if nothing else, and is advertised as a great way to learn to recognize gaming trends and learn Texas Hold’Em strategies. The game is available on iOS devices.


Bloons TD Battles

This game seemed to go surprisingly overlooked, at least in store charts. Essentially, it’s an updated version of the wildly popular Ninja Kiwi game Bloons Tower Defense (which has had multiple versions), designed for interactive multiplayer. Typically, Bloons games consist of stopping balloons from running along a track by way of controlling monkeys with various balloon popping abilities. The Battles edition is the same game, but designed in a way that pits players against one another on side-by-side tracks for direct competition. It’s an extremely fun twist on arguably the best tower defense game on the market. The game is available on Android and iOS devices.


In the end these are only a few of many options. Popular multiplayer classics like Words with Friends, Draw Something, etc. are also wonderful games. But these three stand out as some of the most unique and enjoyable interactive multiplayer options in app stores.


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