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Adobe Photoshop App

Adobe Photoshop Express App Full Review

Adobe Photoshop app for Android is a fun and simple way to edit images. This Photoshop app for Apple iPhone 5 has got lots of attracting features. From here you may download Adobe Photoshop ... Continue Reading →
Genius music App Review

Genius by Rap Genius for iOS

Rap Genius for iPhone 5 is an interesting music app. Genius app for iOS is one of the must have app for iPhone, iPad. Here is the Genius app review with detailed specifications. You ... Continue Reading →
Tell My day App

Fortune teller app Tell My Day for iOS

On this New Year everyone is curious to know what would be new in this year, what is the fortune and what stars say? Here is the Latest iOS app named as Tell My Day, which is a Lifestyle ... Continue Reading →
Runtastic App

Track your sit up counts with Runtastic Sit-Ups Pro

Is your new year resolution is about building muscles, flatting stomach or building abs? If yes then there is an app which can help you to track your success towards this goal. Runtastic ... Continue Reading →
Readmill ebook app for ios

Reading on phone can be beautiful with Readmill eBook reader app

Readmill eBook reader app is a mobile app from the books category. This educational app for android is also available as eBook app for iOS. Readmill eBook reader app for Apple iPhone ... Continue Reading →
weather + for ios and iphone

Weather + App Review

Here we have brought one of the best and accurate Weather app for iOS, Weather +. Weather plus features accurate weather news and beautiful user interface. You may download weather ... Continue Reading →

Apple iPhone5 cheaper version for $300

Apple is planning to release its one of the desirable gadget iPhone5 at a very low cost. This low cost version of Apple iPhone 5 will be released in India and China. Earlier there have ... Continue Reading →

Another surprise from Apple: New Apple i Phone 5S Features and Price

After successful launch of Apple iPhone 5 Apple will launch new Apple iPhone 5S in this year. Future of NFC is there in the iPhone 5s Next Apple iPhone. Specifications are updated such ... Continue Reading →