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Rumors of Apple iPad Maxi tablet

According to the rumors Apple is thinking beyond the 10 inches iPad. Rumors of Apple iPad Maxi tablet tells that Apple will soon announce an Apple 13 inch tablet which is larger than latest Apple iPad available in the market. Large screen tablet by Apple iPad Maxi is expected to be more advance in technology as well in compare to present iPads in the market.


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Apple iPad Maxi

Apple iPad Maxi

No doubt Apple is a best tablet seller in terms of quality and service, although Android tab market is also very good as the cost of Android tabs is moderate, so Apple 13 inch tablet making idea is risky but can attract the customers. These rumors of Apple iPad Maxi tablet are exciting, everyone in the market is having eyes on the manufacturer for Apple iPad Maxi and insight information; although there is no word from Apple related to large screen tablet by Apple iPad Maxi release. This is the time when most of the tablet manufacturers are decreasing the size of tablets; Apple is expected to be thinking something bigger.


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Rumors of Apple iPad Maxi tablet also suggests that this Apple 13 inch tablet will have some upgraded features of Apple iPad Mini. ETNews says that Apple iPad Maxi or Apple 13 inch tablet will bridge the gap between notebook and Tablets. Mac has called this rumor of Apple iPad Maxi tablet, the most ridiculous rumor of the day. After the launch of 9.7 inch iPad Apple commented that it is the best size for a tab but then 7.9-inch Apple iPad came to existence. Apple can think of doing something bigger but with a better name, not “Maxi”. We can’t say that this rumor will turned to truth or not sources also report that till 2014 Q1 we will not get something like large screen tablet by Apple.

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