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Local Brands Karbonn and Micromax Beat Samsung and Apple Sales in India

India’s mobile phone market is in its developing stage. IDC data identified that these local mobile phone brands in India like Micromax, Karbonn and Lava have suppressed the sales status of leading global mobile phone organizations like Samsung and Apple. Let us now compare Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Micromax Canvas HD, Karbonn and Micromax smartphone and know more about Apple iPhone competitors in India.


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apple iphone competitors in india

apple iphone competitors in india

The report of IDC says that in second quarter of 2013 the Asia/Pacific excluding Japan region, these Local mobile phone brands in India have shipped around 46 million devices whereas the well established global brands like Samsung and Apple have shipped 35 million mobile phone units. So you can see that how aggressively these rising brands have suppressed sales of Samsung and Apple.

Not only local mobile phone brands in India but also Chinese companies like Huawei, ZTE and Lenovo are also in the competition. These brands have shipped a total of 27 million units in April-June 2013. These rising players Lava, Maxx, Intex, Karbonn and Micromax Smartphone are the brands where we can find specifications and features of high priced smart phones.

Karbonn and Micromax Smartphone companies have a variety of choices of Smartphones to choose from and the devices have low price these are the reasons why these Indian and Chinese brands tuned to be Samsung and Apple iPhone competitors in India and China in terms of sales. Karbonn, Lava and Micromax are best Smartphones in India from Indian manufacturer. Karbonn vs. Samsung phone and also Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Micromax Canvas HD are comparable, and when you see the Indian market, you will observe that most of the customers are concern about the prices. In Samsung Galaxy S3 vs. Micromax Canvas HD comparison you will find that if we ignore a few quality issues then the local company is selling the similar features at very low cost, which really attracts the budget concerned customers. In Karbonn vs. Samsung comparison we can see that both have a good range of devices like Karbonn has S- titanium family and Samsung’s well known Galaxy series, both the companies have range of Android Smartphones as well as featured phones. In Karbonn vs. Samsung comparison you get phones of various display sizes like 4 inches to more than 6 inches.


karbonn and micromax smartphone

karbonn and micromax smartphone

IDE commented that “We are now hitting a place where there are Smartphones for every price point, where the masses will benefit from the slew of players bringing in more options,”. The firm also said “These homegrown players comprised 38% of second quarter 2013 volumes, up from 20% in the same quarter of 2012 and 7% in 2011 second quarter”.


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In the Q2 of this year these local mobile phone brands in India like Karbonn and Micromax Smartphone proved to be Apple iPhone competitors in India and China in terms of sales. Global companies and rising companies both have lots of upcoming gadgets in the stock. As the sales of these rising local brands increasing the local companies can launch more Samsung and Apple competitors in India and China.


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