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How Hotspot 2.0 technology is important for for public WI-Fi connection?

Wireless ISPs and Carriers are slowly getting into the habit of deploying Hotspot 2.0 technology to enable seamless connections. For instance, passengers waiting or arriving in O’Hare airport in Chicago can access the terminal’s Wi-Fi network automatically through their mobile phones. Does anyone have anything to do anything with his mobile phone to be able to do this? No, not a thing. You do not need to have any special software for ISP connection to get authenticated and get the connection. You do not have to go through login procedures; there is no need to select your network etc. The signal strength bar simple changes into Wi-Fi’s symbol of radiating fan and you are on. Simple as that.



Hotspot 2 why not check here.0 Technology


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If you own an iPhone, you can make a Hotspot 2.0 connection by using Boingo.  Some 20 airports in the U.S. have come into boingo’s ambit which has iOS 7’s Passpoint configured. Compared to the 700,000 hotspots that Boingo operates throughout the world, its airport franchise is very small. If the experience at the O’Hare airport is anything to go by, the impact of a commercial venture encompassing the whole world can only be imagined.


Carriers like Verizon, Sprint and AT&T have all seen the convenience and profitability of joining hands with Boingo and have ongoing deals with it much like rebuilt transmissions. You may not know it but your ability to get your calls through despite the high volume traffic that is likely to be generated in places like an arena or commercial skyscrapers may just be because there is Hotspot 2.0 somewhere out there.  Hotspot networks are a collection of access points of different organizations; they are not   integrated networks as may commonly be perceived.


Together with its counterpoint Next Generation Hotspot, Hotspot 2.0 will seek to eliminate cumbersome procedures like dealing with SSIDs, using usernames and passwords and applicable apps.There will not be any difference between how you now get through a WPA2 connection at home and how you get connection through Hotspot.2.0.


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Hotspot will have nothing to do with authenticating your credentials. That will be done in the cloud.  In short, your phone becomes part of a network of millions of such phones spread around the world.


Selina Lo is the CEO of Ruckus Wireless which is one of the world’s largest outdoor hotspot providers. Selina Lo announced the company’s first deployment commercially of Hotspot 2.0. It will be installed in Warsaw’s Royal gardens with Orange. Considering this is in faraway Poland and though it is just one park, it is not something insignificant. The foothold the company will gain through this venture will span out to the benefit of the company. Hotspot 2.0 is here to stay. We have no hesitation I agreeing with the sentiment expressed by Lo. She says, “In the next 90 days, you will start seeing it in a number of public networks”. From airports to public parks to arenas and commercial multiplexes, they will all soon start using Hotspot 2.0.


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