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Google announces Apps for New Google Glasses

google-glasses-price-and-featuresGoogle is again attracting crowd by releasing some very interesting Google glasses applications. On Monday, Timothy Jordan, a senior developer advocate for Google Glass project, gave a presentation at SXSW. In his presentation he demonstrated that how new Google glasses work. In new Google glasses wearers will be able to scroll the screen just by moving the head. Eye movements can control new Google glasses, just looking up will activate the screen.


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Google glasses applications


new google glasses

Apps for Google glasses include useful Google applications as Gmail, as a email is received the user may give a voice command to view the mail, there is also an option for reply back. Just tap the glasses and wearers will be enabled to read any article, news or anything they want. Wearers can comment add emotion -icons in their comments, share images using Google glasses applications. Mr. Timothy Jordan demonstrated how wearer can capture image in new Google glasses by saying “take picture”. There is voice recognisation app for Google glasses that understands voice and helps to display your speech into different language.



According to latest Google glasses news the developers are working to make the Google glasses light weight, simple and easy top access. Developers are also trying to make what the users really want rather than developing totally unexpected application. Google glasses price will be around $1500 (expected). Google glasses news says that Google glasses will be available in the market around the end of this year. Developers of apps new Google glasses are focusing to develop apps for Google glasses as per casual customers needs so that new Google glasses can be worn by not only by developers or specific people but buy everyone as well. Here is and mesmerizing video to describe features and new apps of Google glasses.


Google Glasses Video:

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