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Apple iOS 7 is coming soon with improved Siri

apple-ios-7We all know that Apple iOS is very efficient and user friendly. Here Apple is preparing to reveal Apple i OS 7 for effortless experience with your Apple iphone. Apples’s new OS apple iOS 7 features improved Siri. Siri is an advanced software that listens to the voice and work accordingly.

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new apple ios update

Although previous Apple OS are very good but introducing Apple iOS 7 has many reasons. Siri was previously available for all OS, but now Apple owns the copyrights, so there are many rivals of apple’s Siri and there are many apps for Voice searches in the stores of advanced OS. This one of the reason of new apple iOS updation.

Apple iOS 7 features better app management, improved lock screen, dynamic icons and more interesting options. Apple iOS 7 will have more attentive Siri. Now Siri will directly search on the internet for the keywords that are unknown to it. Siri will give you nearby stores location, via WebMD you will be able to know certain first-aids and home treatments as well. Do Not Disturb is a very nice options provided in Apple iOS 7, that will let you set schedule for weeks. Apple iOS is also concern with the security, if you download or buy any malware app than within 24hrs hours it will be detected and won’t run on tour Apple iphone. Apple iOS release date will be announced soon, with new iphone till then your wish list for more advancement should be continued.

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